KeraColor Color + Clenditioner

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Color while you cleanse. Keracolors Color + Clenditioner is a non-lather conditioning cleanser designed to gently cleanse & condition your hair while depositing color pigments to vibrantly color pre-lightened hair, or maintain hues between salon visits

Color + Clenditioner is a keratin based cleansing conditioner designed to cleanse and condition the hair with a sulfate free formula that not only gives you a “squeaky” clean feel, it is also going to deposit semi-permanent direct dyes into the hair to get the most out of your colors.


  • Color + Clenditioner Provides buildable color
  • The more consecutive washes the richer, bolder the color will be
  • The longer its left on the hair the more color pigment it deposits
  • Once desired color is achieved, alternate with the original Clenditioner
  • The Color + Clenditioner can be used in multiple ways
  • Can be used maintain previously dyed hair
  • Can be used to color pre-lightened or blonde hair
  • Some can be used as toners
  • Can be mixed with each other or mixed with clendtioner to create soft pastel colors
  • The Cleansing Conditioner base keeps hair moisturized & will NOT dry out hair no matter how many uses
  • Lasts 10-15 washes depending on color chosen and the porosity of the hair