Kara Beauty - HOLLYWOOD KISS 5 Piece Lip Volumizer Gloss Set - VEGAN

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Lights, Camera, Action! 🎬 Achieve a star-worthy pout and perfectly hydrated & tinted lips with Hollywood Kiss Lip Volumizer! πŸ’‹ This shiny gloss instantly creates dimension to the lips with a plumping effect that will create the most camera ready kiss! SHADES: πŸ’Ž Diamond 🀎 Glam πŸ‘‘ Princess 🍬Candy Darling πŸ’ Cherry Pout Note: You will experience a tingling sensation when using Hollywood Kiss Lip Volumizer. It is completely normal and is the the plumbing action going into effect. Please discontinue if discomfort persists. Size of Set 6.5(W)" x 6(H)" x 0.75(D)"