CHAKRA JEWELRY - Turquoise Squash Necklace

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Natural Crystal Bead Evi lEye Necklace look great and make the perfect gift for someone. Size : 65 cm +5 cm . Pendant: 4.4 * 4.2 CM Weight : 22 g . It is the stone of unconditional Love and Relationships and is a universal healing stone. It will help encourage you to love yourself and the ones around you. It benefits the Heart Chakra which is the center for love, compassion and spirituality - Love Heals ALL If you are looking for love, or need healing from love then Rose Quartz should be your crystal of choice. Alternatively, Simply wear it because of its beautiful colour and how amazing it looks 😍 🥰 The Natural Amethyst stone will help bring calm and clarity to a chaotic world, making you feel comforted, grounded and soothed. It benefits the Crown Chakra with enlightenment, dynamic thought and energy. It benefits the Third Eye Chakra with higher intuition, perception, awareness and consciousness.